Kidsville News Literacy & Education Foundation

Grant Proposals

Mission: To improve literacy, education and character development among America’s youth by providing support for various early learning and literacy-based initiatives nationwide.  The Kidsville News Literacy & Education Foundation (KVNLEF) will approve grants to qualified projects and institutions that endeavor to instill strong reading and education skills and good solid character development traits in America’s youth.

Funds may be requested and disbursed from the Kidsville News Literacy & Education Foundation (KVNLEF) in accordance to the following procedures:

All requests for funding and disbursements for literacy and educational projects and initiatives will be made in the form of grants to individuals, institutions and organizations served by Kidsville News! and serving the majority of elementary age schoolchildren. The Foundation Grant Committee, in accordance with recorded procedures, will approve grant applications. Grants will only be approved based on these procedures.

Please read the entire packet before filling out the attached grant application form. For more information about the Foundation contact:

Merrilyn Bowman, Executive Director
Kidsville News Literacy & Education Foundation
1662 Greenock Avenue
Fayetteville, NC 28304
Phone (910) 484-6200
Fax (910) 484-9218

I. General Information
The grant application procedures and evaluation criteria guides the selection of projects that can be funded under the Kidsville News Literacy & Education Foundation Grants Program. This program provides funding to individuals, non-profit organizations, private industry and other interested parties whose project or initiative furthers the literacy and education of young people in accordance to the KVNLEF mission statement. All grant applications must receive prior approval by the Grant Committee.

Disclosure: Grants may be awarded only for the purpose of promoting education and improving literacy among America’s youth and cannot be used to solicit or generate funds from or for political organizations, lobbying activities, budget deficits, religious organizations or purposes of advertising.

II. Eligibility
Qualified Kidsville News publishers must be in good standing according to their license agreement specifications and be a publisher in good standing. Funds received by KVNLEF that are designated for a specific project can only be applied to that project.

Any person or organization may apply for a KVNLEF grant provided they are located in a county of a qualified Kidsville News publisher. Two or more people or an organization may participate in a project with one designated as the contract lead. If the grantee will be an individual or organization other than the applicant, the grantee must be identified. The project’s target audience is elementary age schoolchildren and the focus will endeavor to instill strong reading and education skills and good, solid character development traits.

III. Application Deadlines

Grant request may be made at any time. Each application will be reviewed by the Grants Committee and evaluated on the merits of the requested project. Grant requests may be sent to the attention of the Kidsville News Literacy & Education Foundation, P.O. Box 53462, Fayetteville, NC 28305

IV. Submission Requirements
Applicants must use the KVNLEF Grant Application Form
The application must be completed online or by using the correct forms. If you transfer the application to a personal computer, the application must follow the same format and content as the application provided. Incomplete applications will be considered ineligible for further consideration. The Foundation reserves the right, but is under no obligation, to request additional information which is not included as part of the original application.  Faxed and emailed copies will be accepted as an “official” application.

Each applicant must submit a signed application, including all attachments. The application must have the signature of an individual who is legally authorized to represent and adhere to the application’s provisions. A person or organization other than the representative may be assigned as project manager and/or grant administrator. The person listed as the contact person should be the one knowledgeable about the project and be able to provide any additional needed information. Please retain a copy of the grant application for your file. All grant applications and supporting documents become the property of the Foundation.

V. Project Requirements
Approved grant projects must be completed within the time stated on the application or within a twelve month period from the date the grant is awarded. Approved projects extending beyond twelve months must be applied for on a subsequent grant request.

VI. Coordination and Collaboration
Applicants are encouraged to coordinate and collaborate with local schools, educational organizations and service providers, non-profit organizations and other entities appropriate and beneficial to the mission of literacy and education.

VII. Application Requirements
Submittal of a complete grant application. An authorized representative must sign the application. The grant applicant must demonstrate that all project costs beyond the approved grant must be borne and verified by the applicant where there is a committed, verified source of additional funds. Written documentation must be provided in the form of signed budget sheets, awards letters, etc. (This refers to matching grants) The applicant must articulate and document that the grant project they are requesting has a beneficial purpose and impact on literacy and education among America’s youth and adheres to the Mission of the KVNLEF.

VIII. Evaluation Criteria
Direct impact on literacy and education among America’s youth
Financial capacity of the grantee organization
Community support and partnership with related organizations to assure a successful project
Ability to document and support all financial transactions

IX. Review Process
The Foundation Grants Committee shall have the full discretion to approve or disapprove any and all grant requests. All decisions of the Grant Committee shall be final and all grant applicants agree that such applicants shall hold the Foundation, its directors and officers and employees and all affiliated parties harmless within the scope of the grant approval and administration process.

The Foundation Grants Committee shall review each grant as filed with the organization as soon as is practical and shall make such determination as it feels is appropriate. The KVNLEF shall notify the grant applicant within 30 days of filing such grant application regarding its decision.

X. Grant Initiation
Following notification of project selection, a grant approval agreement will be prepared for each funded project by the KVNLEF. The grant approval agreement is the legal document that governs the administration of the grant and includes:
The amount of KVNLEF funds provided as well as the amount and source of other funds committed to the project. (This pertains to matching funds)
A detailed project description outlining the scope of work to be completed.
A detailed budget for implementation of project activities.
A schedule for implementation of project activities.
The general and special terms and conditions associated with the grant. No Foundation funds will be released until the grant agreement has been fully signed and executed.
KVNLEF grant agreements are administered on a cost reimbursable basis.

Applicants should be aware that if awarded a grant, the grantee will be expected to pay for expenses as they are incurred and submit a billing at the end of each quarter for reimbursement. The goal of the KVNLEF is to return 90% of all grant funds.

XI. Eligible Costs
All eligible costs shall be delineated in the Grant Agreement.

XII. Grant and Reporting Requirements
All grant reporting requirements shall be delineated in the Grant Agreement and shall require a full accounting, along with supporting documentation of all disbursements to assure that funds are disbursed only for approved purposes.